Recently, the challenges faced by every customer are becoming more complex. Indo-Sakura can help address the complex challenges proactively and most advantageously in customers' systems.

ChatBot Solutions


Indo-Sakura's ChatBot solutions are born through collaborations. We share our expertise with you to achieve your best results and provide support for the implementation, customization, and maintenance of your products.  


Automate your internal operations with our ChatBots and improve customer satisfaction as we use advanced natural language processing by AI to utilize data and achieve complete CX automation. You can easily connect your bot to various Omni-channels like LINE, Messenger, and more by linking a range of DBs, RPA, and APIs. With our ChatBots, it is ultimately possible to utilize the full potential rather than simply responding to the FAQs.


We provide AI-powered ChatBots (artificial intelligence-based). It has a feature that uses machine learning to automatically interpret questions and answers from keywords in the conversation, allowing for complete CX automation, which was previously impossible with scenario-type ChatBots. Marketing automation and business flow automation become possible and accelerate DX by linking with DBs, external channels, and support desks, in addition to automating FAQs. Our ChatBots also supports multiple languages. Furthermore, because no coding is required to create a chatbot, it is simple to set up and then change or modify.