We are contributing to the development and revitalization of Japanese companies by supporting the creation of synergies between Japanese companies and India.


Our Vision

We will contribute to the development and revitalization of Japanese companies by supporting the creation of synergistic effects between Japanese companies and India.
Synergy is the effective combination of the strengths of both, such as 1✛1 = 3 instead of 1✛1 = 2, to bring about unprecedented effects and benefits. We will help create synergistic effects by combining the high technological capabilities of Japanese companies with the potential energy of India.for example,

  • High hardware power of Japan × Soft power of advanced Indian IT engineers = Not only system development utilizing highly specialized technology, but also  solving the shortage of advanced IT human resources in Japan
  • High-quality products and services originating in Japan x huge Indian market and growth potential  = Not only the expansion of overseas market share of products and services (the 6th largest economy in the world of nominal GDP), but also used as a risk hedging market from other markets

Through these synergistic effects, we will promote the development of businesses and revitalization of Japanese companies.

Our Code of Conduct

In Japanese companies, the five confucians of Jin, righteousness, gratitude, wisdom, and faith are valued, and our company, which aims to develop and grow together with Japanese companies, also has the spirit of five confucians, and this is what our company does. As a guideline, we will work with Japanese companies to aim for the lasting development of individuals and organizations.

Always aim for maximum customer satisfaction with a spirit of compassion
Justice, sticking to social justice in Japan and India, and keeping in mind the development of both countries
Respect for courtesy and courtesy of Japanese companies, and build relationships that can respect each other beyond language and cultural barriers
Satoshi, as an individual, as an organization, continue to learn continuously, improve technical skills and create new value
With faith, sincerity and a spirit of accomplishment, try to gain the maximum trust from customers.

With these five confucians, we will work with Japanese companies to aim for the lasting development of individuals and organizations.

Origin of Corporate Name

The company name "Indo-Sakura" reflects our desire to support the development and revitalization of Japanese companies as a bridge between Indian and Japanese companies.
In India, "Sakura" is considered a symbol of Japan's "traditional beauty of action, the beauty of heart, and living beautifully." We named the company "India-Sakura" because we want to become a bridge between Japan and India, which is such a beautiful country, and to study, grow, revitalize, and aim for lasting development together with the Japanese companies that support Japan.

When hiring human resources at our company, not only being an excellent engineer, but also "I like Japan" is the most important condition, and we welcome them as our companions. Together with our employees of "Nippon-dori", we would like to work hard every day to become a bridge between India and Japanese companies under the company name "Indo-Sakura".


Humans are driven by enthusiasm and passion to achieve their goals. At our company, these qualities are facilitated by a firm determination. Therefore, satisfaction and quality output stand out. These are our driving forces and are reflected in the satisfaction of our clients and employees. Fostering such a strong will for many years led to the founding of Indo-Sakura.

At our company, highly skilled professionals better understand the needs of our clients and provide excellent service 24 hours a day. Our professionals are not only employees but also members of the Indo-Sakura family. The right people are confident that they will make society a comfortable place to live. And in the future, you can be a leader who will lead you to bigger goals. For that reason, we are constantly working to develop a team of the right people to represent Indo-Sakura.

We are aiming for ISO or CMM level in the near future, but the joy of our clients after delivering the work will be the cornerstone of our quality. And our relationships with our clients are endless, and with our trust and our constant efforts, we can achieve great results.

The earth is too small. The word space may be correct for our young, enthusiastic, and courageous employees. Our employees can break down any preconceived notions based on their knowledge and efforts. Our source of energy is high determination and will, and with these as weapons, we travel anywhere in the universe.

About Us

Corporate Name

Indo-Sakura Software Japan K.K.


Atul Paswan


10 Million Yen


〒135-0016, 7-F RaukutyBldg, Toyo 3-5-5, Koto-Ku, Tokyo

Official License

General dispatch business license 派13−31223

Management Team


Atul Paswan

Founder & CEO

Mr. Atul Paswan came to Japan in 1999 and worked at an IT company for 5 years. He founded Indo-Sakura Software Japan K.K. in 2005 and since then has been contributing to bridging the brilliance of both countries in the field of ICT and advanced technologies.


Yasuo Kikuchi

Director, General Manager

After completing graduate school at the Nagaoka University of Technology, and started working for an IT vendor. After 30 years of involvement in the banking business, he changed his career and has been in charge of our company's management and technology headquarters since 2013.


Noriaki Suzuki


After graduating from the university, he joined an IT vendor and engaged in system development, mainly for banks. After completing a master's degree in systems engineering in the United States, he engaged in consulting work overseas and is an auditor responsible for internal control and strengthening the Indian business.


Takaaki Ueno

Senior Manager: Engineering Department 1

Takaaki Ueno joined Indo-Sakura in 2018 and led the development of AI business solutions. He researched expert systems for the application of drilling machines as a graduate student at the University of Tokyo. After graduation, he worked at Toshiba Corporation for 28 years, building various systems operating in the railroad industry.


Hiroyuki Ogihara

Senior Manager: Engineering Department 2

Hiroyuki Ogihara joined Indo-Sakura in 2016 and currently, he is working on financial lending systems. He graduated from the Faculty of Education at Waseda University and then he started working for an IT vendor. He worked on system development for various industries, especially in the financial services industry, but was also involved in the apparel, civil engineering, and distribution industries.


Sachie Hazumi

Senior Manager: Sales Department 1

After graduating from the university, she has begun working for system development at a major IT company.She joined Indo-Sakura in 2016 and after her assignment in India, she became in charge of sales at the Japan head office while supporting the business development of Japanese companies in the United States.


Atsushi Ookoshi

Senior Manager: Sales Department 2

In 2021, Atsushi Ookoshi joined Indo-Sakura and has been actively developing new customers. He joined a semiconductor manufacturer in 1985 and was involved in sales expansion and product planning for microcontrollers. He transferred to Singapore for two years in 2012, where he expanded the sales to the Indian market.


Kenji Fujita

Senior Manager: Engineering Department 2

Kenji Fujita joined Indo-Sakura in 2019. He has 34 years of embedded experience in telecommunication equipment and offshore development at an IT manufacturer. Currently, he is working on challenging new fields such as AI training material creation, web system development, offshore development support, and system operation.


Hideki Taguchi

Senior Manager: Engineering Department 1

Hideki Taguchi joined our company in 2019 after more than 30 years of experience in semiconductor device development and management at an electronics manufacturer. He is a graduate of Seikei University. He is currently working on AI-related and DevOps-related businesses, which is the core of DX.

We are a group of Indian IT Experts from the advanced and superior Indian IT industry.

In India, the number of technicians who graduated from university has grown by 6% annually and is predicted to exceed 800,000 by 2020. From this huge Indian engineer market, we have been recruiting better Indian engineers for many years through our extensive Indian talent network in India.
At the same time, accumulated the results of research and consulting services in India such as IT market research in India, the possibility of introducing Japanese products to the Indian market, etc., utilizing the unique Indian personnel network by better Indian engineers. It has come. As a result, we have grown up as a group of Indian experts who know India by better Indian engineers.
In the future, by utilizing the individual skills and human resource networks of these Indian experts, we will strengthen the support for creating synergy effects between Japanese companies and India, and contribute to the development and revitalization of Japanese companies.

Achievements and know-how that we earned as a bridge between Japanese companies and India

As an Indian company, our experience in business tie-ups with Japanese companies that we have accumulated over many years, and the know-how obtained from them are our best strengths.
Since its inception, as an Indian-owned company, has consistently provided IT solutions targeting Japanese companies. The track record of bridging Japanese companies and India over the years through business tie-ups with Japanese companies by talented IT personnel in India is our greatest strength. Also, utilizing the know-how gained from these achievements, we will continue to contribute as a bridge between Japanese companies and India.

Hardware Skills Of Japanese Enterprises 


Software skills Of High Performing Indian IT Engineers

We can provide various software technologies and solutions by advanced Indian IT engineers to maximize the high hardware technology that Japanese companies have strengths in. We can provide highly specialized software technology in various fields to fully bring out the high hardware technology and performance of end-users in the distribution and manufacturing industries. From the provision of highly specialized software technology by our advanced Indian IT engineers, we can also provide cost-effective offshore software technology and solutions based in India. In recent years, we have been focusing on applying AI technology to IoT services, such as IoT device verification, learning function design, AI function implementation, data set analysis, learning model generation, learning model integration, and know-how accumulation. You can handle the process consistently. In addition, we can also support embedded and general-purpose technologies that are indispensable for highly specialized hardware possessed by Japanese companies, as well as infrastructure-based solutions, especially load balancing technologies.

Japan Head Office

Indo-Sakura Software Japan 株式会社

7-F Raukuty Bldg, Toyo 3-5-5, Koto-Ku, Tokyo



India Head Office

Indo-Sakura Software Pvt. Ltd.

#70, Kanakapura Rd, Navaratan Gardens, Konanakunte, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560062



Our Business Partner

System7 Inc, 
5443 Luis, Dr. Agoura Hills, CA 91301



The Cyber Security Solutions division was established in cooperation with BluSapphire Inc. of the USA.
Indo-Sakura by virtue of its quality deliveries and engagement in AI-related services has been selected by SoftBank as one of the AI vendors.
Business alliance with Softbank Group companies to support sales of DevOps solutions.
Establishing new entity called World-hr. In order to cater to the growing needs of high skilled IT professionals in Japan, Indo-Sakura in association with two of its business partners, has started a new entity called “WorldHR (www.world-hr.com)”. At world-Hr, Indo-Sakura offers consulting services on management of global resources, providing experts of emerging technologies, as well as seminars on potentials of India’s market. you can get more details from website www.world-hr.com.
The 84th birth anniversary celebration of the Emperor of Japan. His Majesty the Emperor of Japan’s Birthday (天皇誕生日 Tennō tanjōbi) the 84th birth anniversary celebration of the Emperor of Japan was hosted by the Consulate-General of Japan in Bengaluru in Taj West hotel with the presence of Minister George, Minister Rayareddi, and Ambassador Hiramatsu from Delhi. Karnatakanized Japanese Mr. Kuboki showcased his kannada performance with his chorus group as a symbol of friendship between Japan and Karnataka. To showcase the strong bond with Karnataka, Kannada songs too were performed on this occasion. Indo-Sakura participated by having a stall to promote Japanese Product Kingjim office Stationary.
Authorized Distributor for KING JIM CO.,LTD. in India. Indo-Sakura partnered with KINGJIM CO.,LTD. of Japan, to market, distribute their digital stationary products to India Market. KingJim is one of the biggest office supplies stationery items manufacture in Japan and its high standard digital stationary products are ranked as one of top brands of Japan.
Indo-Sakura goes to USA. Indo-Sakura extended its IT services to Japanese firms in the USA, though its business partnership with System-7 Inc, based out of Los Angeles, California. Having won various accolades for its quality services to Japanese firms in Japan, Indo-Sakura has extended its wings to USA to provides similar services to Japanese firms established in the USA.
Office relocation. Indo-Sakura relocated its Japan head office from Nagoya to Chiba (Mihama-ku, Chiba City) in order to extend its IT services to its customers in Kanto Region.
Launch of Big Data Analysis Division. Indo-Sakura launched its BigData Analysis division under technical leadership of a IT experts with 10 years of experience in MNC’s such as Yahoo!. In our first assignment from a reputed client, we developed an ODBC driver for windows which enables windows users to use Hadoop eco system tools for Bigdata Analysis and get results on windows environment. The project was a big success and our efforts were rewarded enormously.
Japanese Training for IT Engineers.Indo-Sakura, in association with a Omron group of company, launched its Japanese Training center in India for Indian IT graduates. Its a 5 Months full time intensive training focused on General, Technical and Business Japanese taught by a Native Japanese who is also an IT expert. Successful candidates would be placed at various locations of Omron group of companies in Japan as well as at clients of Indo-Sakura.
Offshore Development Center services. Indo-Sakura established a dedicated Offshore development center for providing its IT Services to Omron Group of companies from Japan. Its services includes, Development and Testing of Mobile Applications on android and Symbian.
India Operation started. Indo-Sakura established its development center in Bangalore, India. Its India operation would cater to the needs of Offshore development requirements, resource hiring as well as training. It also has started a 6 months intensive training course on Japanese Language for IT engineers.

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