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Product Name: HiveODBC

HiveODBC Drivers efficiently transform an application’s SQL query into the equivalent form in HiveQLThe Hive Query Language, a subset of SQL-92, allows our solutions to interrogate Hive to obtain schema information to present to a SQL-based application.Queries, including joins, are translated from SQL to HiveQL.

Hive is a data warehouse system for Hadoop that facilitates easy data summarisation, ad-hoc queries, and the analysis of large datasets stored in Hadoop compatible file systems.

Hive ODBC solution enable standard SQL-92 access directly to Apache Hive distributions. They efficiently map SQL to HiveQL delivering full SQL application functionality and real-time analytic and reporting capabilities to users.

Product Name: I-TIME

More employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials, and rate calculations with 100% pay rule automation.Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals.Significantly cut down on payroll processing time and Eliminate manual payroll errors.Be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Product Name: IS-EMP

This software is beneficial in terms of organizing and improving the efficiency of employee management department.Send messages to other employees (meetings, company policies, personal messages, etc.).Enter employee performance evaluations and make time-off requests (vacation), on-line and wait for supervisor approval.

Product Name: IS-Edy

IS-Edy is software to manage all day to day operations for an educational institute.Handling inquiries from prospective students, Handling the admissions processes, Enrolling new students and Storing teaching option choices, Maintaining records of absences and attendance, etc.Handling examinations, assessments, mark, grades and academic progression.

Product Name:OfficeWalker

Office Walker is a world wide application sharing system.The information is shared among the companies and employees.This system is highly secured from the hackers to protect the company data.This application is user friendly and fast.This application will have the global information between the companies.