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Product Name: QRTS
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QR Punch Station is a quick-to-setup, easy-to-use time and attendance system that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a front-facing camera.

Using our Fast-Scan technology, employees can punch In & Out in less than a second, and because QR Punch Station runs in the cloud, there is no software or servers to maintain. Managers can see who is in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

QR Punch Station is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses looking to track time and attendance without the usual costs and overhead of traditional systems.

The versatility of QR Punch Station allows for a wide variety of applications:

  • Track employee time and attendance for your business
  • Track student attendance for your school
  • Track member attendance for your club or group
  • Track time spent across multiple projects or clients


Main highlights of QRTS are :

Quick-Scan Technology

With our Quick-Scan technology, Employees can Punch In & Out in less than a second. Employees also have the option to Punch by PIN if their card is not available.


Because QR Punch Station is cloud-based, there is no software or hardware to maintain. Managers can access their time and attendance data anywhere they have access to the internet.

Advanced Reporting

Managers have access to multiple online reports to track attendance and calculate pay. Reports can be exported to different formats allowing for easy integration with Payroll systems.

GPS Location Tagging

Map the geographical location where employees punch in and out from.

Off-Line Mode

You do not always have access to the Internet, that is why QR Punch Station can operate Off-Line too. Take it to a remote site and use it to track time & attendance. When an Internet connection becomes available, your device will automatically synchronize all its data with QR Punch Station.


QR Punch Station uses industry standard Base64 Encoding between QR Punch Station and the QR Punch Mobile App. This ensures that your data remains safe and secure end-to-end.