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There is no easier or more efficient means of attracting potential customers than the Internet. To be able to compete, companies need to know all about e-commerce business online marketing and multi-channel management. E-commerce requires an integrated approach, combining customer service, marketing, shop design, IT, logistics, and financial services. We provide all of the building blocks you need for a successful e-commerce business model. We develop your online shop (both the front and back ends) and take care of end-to-end fulfillment (B2B, B2C) − whether you want to distribute your products in physical or digital form.

Our portfolio includes every e-commerce solution you’ll need to implement your multi-channel strategy, including integration with your offline POS and mail-order or catalogue business, as well as involving online marketplaces and e-retailers. And our unique online marketing solutions help attract customers to your online shop.
Our services to support your e-commerce business:

  • E-commerce consulting
  • Online marketing (SEM/SEO, e-mail marketing, address and lead generation, affiliate marketing, display advertising)
  • Web shop setup and design, content and shop management, web analytics
  • Social media monitoring and online market research
  • Customer loyalty and management in the e-commerce context fulfillment
  • E-commerce multi-channel management

In short, as an e-commerce service, we give you all of the services you need for a successful e-commerce business model that’s tailored to your customers, widely scalable, reliable, and efficient. We keep you informed and ensure continuous improvement and profitable growth of your e-commerce business.

Project experience
System Description Technologies Man-months Execution Model
Migration of Logistic Software from VB to .Net VB6,ASP.Net,Oracle 10g,iReport,SPREAD 12 Onsite/Offshore
Customisation of WareHouse Managmenet Software Java,Hibernate,BLUEDOG Framework,BuzyTune,Oracle 11g,JasperReport 6 Onsite/Offshore
Online Shopping site for Japanese Products PHP,MySQL.Martjack framework 3 Offshore
Mall Navigator iOS , iBeacon 2 Onsite