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In Offsite Delivery Model, we works in a nearby vicinity of the client i.e.we will be located within the same city/country as that of the client. This will prove beneficial to the client as well as to us as our team will have a better understanding of the client’s need resulting from the fact of having an almost similar background as far as the geographical factor is concerned.

Offsite Model enables the client and us to have a face-to-face interaction on a regular basis, which will be advantageous to both of them. This is especially beneficial when the client’s requirements are not well defined and are expected to change during the course of the project. We will be able to understand and accommodate those changes in a faster and better way into the project.Also when the client is not in a position so as to expand its facilities all off a sudden to accommodate the service provider’s team and requirements and at the same time they want to outsource to somebody located near to them then the offsite model is the one, which caters to both these needs. The client also feels as if it’s playing an important role in the development process by having a significant and sufficient control on the development process.

The advantages of offsite delivery model are the following:

  • Faster Response: Responsiveness to changes in client’s needs is faster.
  • Clear Perception: Physical proximity helps to understand the client’s needs in a better way.
  • Good Synchronization: Better coordination between the client’s team and service provider’s team.