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We have a diverse client base and our ability to tailor our services to the needs of public, private, government and international clients is fundamental to our approach.We offer our clients an unrivalled and comprehensive service.

Although each of our clients is unique, the one thing that they have in common is the desire for strong relationships. We are confident in our ability to build an outstanding client relationship, coupled with technical excellence across a specialised range for services.

We had given the work of software development to an Indian company in the past, which turned out into a failure and we decided not to outsource to India in future. However, after talking to Mr. Atul Paswan,We developed an air of trust in him and thought of giving it a second try.The response has been immensely positive.The language factor is a problem point, however,the development was done with really high technology, so much so that they even studied about the latest technology and incorporated it in the real development.The product thus developed over five years has become our core product and we have been actively using it at present.

Mr.Nishi, President, Best Systems Inc. Tokyo

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