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Atul Paswan

The human being is driven by sheer zeal and a burning passion towards achievement of their goal. At Indo-Sakura, these qualities are enhanced by the strong determination and are thus quite prominent in terms of people satisfaction and quality output. This is our driving force which speaks in terms of our client & employee satisfaction level. It was these strong-willed desires nurtured inside us for so many years that led to the firm foundation of Indo-Sakura.

Today we can claim to have highly skilled professionals who can cater to the client’s requirements with our quality oriented services throughout 24*7. These professionals are not only as workforce but part of the Indo-Sakura family because we believe right people are the entrepreneurs of a society, a true place to live in and in future they can serve as guides to the greater/bigger goals. Hence we always strive to nurture a team of right people who will act as the future representatives for the ever growing Indo-Sakura family.

Attaining ISO and CMM levels are our near future targets, what we see, what we dream and what we pursue. We set high quality levels and adhere to it. This is all proven and tested as we see our client’s jubilation upon our deliveries. And thus business with our client-a never ending saga begins, marching on from faith to trust to infinite business possibilities, to achieve which our constant upgraded efforts work wonders.

The world is not enough for us edges of the universe will be the right word for young, enthusiastic, experienced gutsy Indo-Sakuras who are ready to challenge any theories with their own knowledge and endeavors. Our source of energy is the high level of determination and will power, ready to learn and implement attitude that we nurture which will take us smoothly to uninhibited corners of this ever expanding knowledge universe.